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Maureen Hu
Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa (Yijan) is from the Mt. Allan region. She grew up in a traditional way, living in the bush where the ceremonies were very strong, and painting was only done on the body or the ground. Maureen started painting in the mid 80`s and says of her work: ``My main stories are my father`s stories of Fire Dreaming, Napa - Water Dreaming, Lightning Dreaming. And my mother`s side as well, women`s ceremonies. My skin name is Nampajimpa and on my mother and uncle`s side, Numeratumera.``

Products Design by Maureen Hu

Polyester Chiffon Scarves
Travel Dream Scarf - Red
Travel Dream Scarf - Stone
Yuelamu Scarf - Blue
Yuelamu Scarf - Red
Womens Ceremony Scarf - Beige

Yijan Tie - Travel Dream Beige
Yijan Tie - Water Dreaming Brown
Yijan Tie - Fire & Water Blue
Yijan Tie - Fire & Water Brown
Fire & Water Dreaming Tie - Maroon
Yijan Tie - Travel Dream Stone
Travel Dream Tie - Maroon
Yijan Tie - Crow Women Red
Yijan Tie - Crow Women Blue
Yijan Tie - Water Dreaming Blue
Yijan Tie - Water Dreaming Grey