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Outstations is authentic, traditional Aboriginal art from the outback, the rainforests and the coasts. These designs present the true and timeless art of the stories of Australia. Eleven Aboriginal artists create under the Outstations label, with their work translated into a beautiful range of chiffon scarves and polyester neck ties. Outstation Artists include: Doris Gingingara, Two Bob Tjungurrayi, Paddy Carroll, Clifford Possum, Jeanette Timbery, Namiyal Bopiri, Glenn Moore and Norman Cox.

Products : Umbrellas- Polyester Chiffon Scarves- Ties- Bags- Tote Bags- Silk Scarves- Candles- Ipad Covers- Cross-body Bags- Laptop Satchel bags- Placemats- Travel Wallet- Cushion Covers- Foldable Travel Tote- Comforters- Viscose Scarves


Yijan Aboriginal artists are the keepers of the Dreaming.
Their art tells the true story of the land where they were born and the ancient ceremonies of their ancestors. Their people have lived in balance with nature on the Australian continent for more than 40,000 years. Their artworks have been incorporated into a beautiful range of chiffon scarves and polyester neck ties.

Products : Polyester Chiffon Scarves- Ties


When people think of Australia, the first thing that springs to mind is our unique wildlife, such as the kangaroos and koalas. Our range of Address Australia merchandise offers just that, whatever your mood. Classic, contemporary, or fashionable, we have a great range of ties and socks, all expressing the very essence of Australia.

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Utopia Dreaming features modern contemporary indigenous designs which have been used to create a beautiful high-end range of pure silk scarves. Only a limited number of these stunning scarf designs exist, making them one of the most sought after collector's items of Australian contemporary indigenous art today.

Products : Silk Scarves