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Molly Napu
Molly Napurrurla Tasman was born in 1936 and is a desert lady who has travelled her dreamtime stories. Molly is dedicated to the preservation of her culture. She enjoys painting as it allows her to express and preserve the indigenous culture in a meaningful way.
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Products Design by Molly Napu

Silk Scarves
Bush Potato Scarf - Taupe
Bush Potato Scarf - Salmon
Bush Potato Scarf - Red
Seed Dreaming Scarf - Rust
Seed Dreaming Scarf - Maroon
Seed Dreaming Scarf - Blue
Seed Dreaming Scarf - Grey

Ipad Covers
Molly Tasman Ipad Cover - Black
Molly Tasman Ipad Cover - Rust
Molly Tasman Ipad Cover - Red
Molly Tasman Ipad Cover - Taupe

Cross-body Bags
Biddy Timms X-Body Bag - Pink
Molly Tasman Cross-Body Bag - Rust
Molly Tasman Cross-Body Bag - Black
Molly Tasman Cross-Body Bag -TAUPE
Molly Tasman Cross-Body Bag - Red
Norman Cox X-Body Bag - Blue

Laptop Satchel bags
Molly Tasman Laptop Satchel Bag - Black

Molly Tasman Placemats (Pack of 4)
Molly Tasman Placemats (Pack of 4)

Travel Wallet
Molly Tasman Travel Wallet

Cushion Covers
Molly Tasman Cushion Covers
Molly Tasman Cushion Covers