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Biddy Napa
Biddy Napanangka Timms was born in 1952 and is from Lajamanu, Northern Territory.Napanangka knows her ceremony`s and laws and dances. She started painting in 2009 using her first medium which was body art in ochre and oils. Her favourite past times are caring for her grandchildren, cleaning her house and spending time in the art centre painting.

Products Design by Biddy Napa

Biddy Timms - Umbrella
Biddy Timms - Golf Umbrella

Biddy Timms Bag - Lilac
Biddy Timms Bag - Pink

Tote Bags
Biddy Timms Tote Bag - Brown/Black
Biddy Timms Tote Bag - Tan/Black

Ipad Covers
Biddy Timms Ipad Cover - Blue
Biddy Timms Ipad Cover - Brown

Cross-body Bags
Biddy Timms X-Body Bag - Brown
Biddy Timms X-Body Bag - Blue

Laptop Satchel bags
Biddy Timms Laptop Satchel Bag - Blue/Grey

Biddy Timms Placemats (Pack of 4)

Travel Wallet
Biddy Timms Travel Wallet

Cushion Covers
Biddy Timms Cushion Covers

Foldable Travel Tote
Biddy Travel Tote - Grey
Biddy Travel Tote - Black