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Norman Cox
Norman Cox was born in 1937 on Louisa Downs Station in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. He spent most of his adult life working on cattle stations as a stockman. Today Norman runs a 200,000ha station 50km east of Fitzroy Crossing. He paints in the spare time he can find whilst fulfilling his duties as Chairman of the Yiyili Aboriginal Community.

Products Design by Norman Cox

Indiginous Bush Leaves - Blue
Indiginous Bush Leaves - Red
Indiginous Kangaroo Story - Green
Indiginous Bush Roots - Black
POS Umbrella Box - (16 umbrellas)
POS Umbrella Box
Norman Cox - Umbrella

Polyester Chiffon Scarves
Bush Leaves Scarf - Blue
Bush Leaves Scarf - Brown
Kangaroo Story Scarf - Rust
Kangaroo Story Scarf- Pink

Outstations Tie - Red/Blue
Outstations Tie - Orange
Outstations Tie - Blue
Outstations Tie - Red
Outstations Tie - Brown
Outstations Tie - Navy

Norman Cox Bag - Red
Norman Cox Bag - Blue
Norman Cox Bag - Khaki

Tote Bags
Norman Cox Leaf Tote Bag - Red
Norman Cox Tote Bag - Green

Kangaroo Story Candle – Lavender Dreaming
POS Candle Tray - ( 6 candles )

Norman Cox Placemats (Pack of 4)
Norman Cox Placemats (Pack of 4)

Travel Wallet
Norman Cox Travel Wallet

Cushion Covers
Norman Cox Cushion Covers
Norman Cox Cushion Covers

Viscose Scarves
Viscose Scarf - Navy
Viscose Scarf - Red
Viscose Scarf - Lilac